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A Nettexx GFX Golf Barrier Netting in a net.

Nettexx GFX Golf Barrier Netting

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A close-up of Heavyweight Polypropylene Netting 1" Mesh.

Heavyweight Polypropylene Netting 1″ Mesh

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Bird Netting

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Exclusive Textile Solutions

At Nettexx, we specialize in producing top-of-the-line netting, fabrics, and yarns that cater to a myriad of applications. With over six decades of expertise in textile manufacturing, we have perfected the art of knotless net production. Our commitment to excellence drives us to deliver unparalleled products tailored to meet your specific needs.

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Enhancing Performance and Ensuring Safety With Netting

Our netting solutions are engineered to excel in various environments, from sports fields to industrial settings. Designed with durability and performance in mind, our netting provides reliable protection and support. Whether you're securing cargo, protecting crops, or creating safe sporting environments, our netting solutions offer peace of mind and reliability.

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Reinforced Durability

Our products are made with multifilament polyester, ensuring long-term strength and durability, encased in UV-resistant polyethylene monofilament.

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Unraveling Creativity and Stitching Memories

Made from high-strength monofilament olefin polymers, our items maintain a high level of strength throughout it's 16 year projected lifetime. By design, our netting is not effected by acids, alkalis or even hydrogen sulfide. When conditions demand the most, our netting continues to perform. Because of its construction, with a reinforced web band, it resists scalloping, our products will not unravel if cut. Rugged enough to be re-used in temporary fence applications.

A picture of a basketball net and a basketball hoop.

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  • Made from high strength monofilament olefin polymers.
  • Maintains high strength throughout 16-year projected lifetime.
  • Unaffected by acids, alkalis, or hydrogen sulfide.
  • Performs best in extreme conditions like -30° to 120°F, high winds.
  • High tenacity per weight reduces wind resistance and snow/ice loads.
  • Self-extinguishing.
  • Extreme duty windscreen and site reduction scree'.
  • Reinforced web band resists scalloping.
  • Rugged enough for re-use in temporary fence applications.